Stripe Payment Processing Settlement Times

Payment Settlement Period

Settlement times for Stripe payment processing are slightly different than the original Cybergolfpay/ProPay payment processing.


Credit Card Payments/Settlements

Credit card payments take 2 business days to fully settle and be deposited to your bank account as long as the payment is made before 12am PST (midnight). Payments that take place after 12am PST will be included with the deposit for the following days transactions. For example, if a transaction takes place on a Wednesday at 12:15am (EST), that transaction will be included with the Friday deposit along with all of the transactions completed on Wednesday, up till 12am PST (midnight). Credit card payments are indicated by a pi_ at the beginning of the transaction ID.

Below is a chart indicating the flow of a payment from creation to being deposited in your bank. Using this example: If a payment/charge is created on Monday prior to 12:00am PST Tuesday morning, then the funds will be deposited to your bank account on Wednesday. The payment in the Cybergolf marketing system will also autobatch on Wednesday to correspond with the date that the funds were received.


Weekend Transactions/Deposits

Due to the fact that weekend days are not business/banking days, transactions that take place on Saturday and Sunday will be batched as one deposit on Wednesday.


By clicking Totals in the upper right corner of your Cybergolf Marketing admin, once you are logged in, you should see a Download button associated with the deposit to your bank. The Download button will only become available once the Payout Status shows as Paid, it will not show while the Payout Status shows as In Transit. When the Download button becomes available you'll be able to download a copy of the transactions associated with that deposit in a spreadsheet format.

Screenshot of Totals reporting screen


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